TRASAR™ Pen Fluorometer for Reverse Osmosis

The TRASAR™ Pen Fluorometer is a portable microprocessor-based analyzer designed to measure Nalco Water treatment program dosage in reverse osmosis applications. TRASAR™ direct measurement rapidly provides the following diagnostics, which are key to assuring the optimum operation of your RO system: antiscalant concentration, antiscalant distribution, troubleshooting, leak detection and system recovery.

Equipment Details

Antiscalant concentration: Determine quickly and easily the concentration of antiscalant in the feedwater and concentrate stream of your reverse osmosis or nanofiltration system. Positive indication of antiscalant feed is not possible even when day tanks and/ or recycle loops are employed.

Antiscalant distribution: Ensure the proper distribution of antiscalant across multiple RO/ NF trains. Correct antiscalant distribution ensures optimum chemical treatment performance by preventing the effects of underdosing and overdosing of treatment chemicals.

Troubleshooting: Find out what the feed, reject and permeate flow rate is for each individual stage, and use this information to pinpoint scaling, fouling and other performance issues.

Leak detection: Identify and determine a problem before it affects permeate quality or requires major resources to correct. The presence of TRASAR® dye in the permeate stream is a positive indication of membrane damage or a problem with the system's internal integrity such as a faulty interconnector or damaged o-ring.

System recovery: Determine your system's real operating recovery based on the level of TRASAR® in the feedwater and concentrate streams of your RO or NF system. Operating your system at its maximum hydraulic design recovery allows you to safely minimize your system's energy, water and pretreatment costs. The analyzer is best suited for measuring treatment product dosage and conducting valuable diagnostic studies in systems without online TRASAR® equipment.