Acid Sanitizer

Vortexx™ peroxyacid-based sanitizer delivers antimicrobial activity on yeast, molds and bacteria. Vortexx enhances finished product quality when used in a total Ecolab product and professional services program by reducing pathogenic organisms.

Benefits and Characteristics 

    • Multiple sanitizing applications.
    • No rinsing required. Vortexx ingredients are cleared by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 40 CFR Part 180 as a sanitizer for hard surface food contact.
    • Sanitizes at lower temperatures.
    • Effective against many microorganisms at a variety of temperatures, reducing energy costs when used at lower temperatures. Other sanitizers are generally used at temperatures of 75°F or higher. With Vortexx, ambient temperature use-solutions produce excellent sanitizing results.
    • Delivers antimicroblal activity in a variety of applications and conditions.
    • Vortexx is a peroxyacid/organic acid sanitizer. This system enables Vortexx to be used at much lower concentrations than peracetic acid alone, with yeast, mold and bacteria antimicrobial activity.
    • Useful for CIP, spray, soak or foam additive sanitizing applications with an approved additive such as Liquid KTM.
    • Suitable for use in bottle rinse applications.
    • Registered for continuous treatment of conveyors to help reduce the incidence of undesirable microorganisms on critical conveyor surfaces during processing.
    • Compatible with most materials used in processing operations: all types of stainless steel and aluminum, and most rubber and plastic materials when used at recommended use concentration and temperature.
    • Low use-solution pH reduces mineral film build-up.
    • Low foaming formulation minimizes CIP cycle time.
    • Active ingredients rapidly break down into water, oxygen, acetic acid and octanoic acid.
    • Low phosphorus formulation minimizes phosphate-related effluent fees.