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Wet Strength Additives

Wet strength chemicals are a necessary and critical papermaking additive for many grades of tissue, towel, specialty, and paperboard. Operational variables like the amount and type of recycle fiber and filler, refining, and other wet end additives, can impact the efficiency of wet strength resins.

Nalco Water offers innovative wet strength chemicals that maximize strength and sheet quality, improve machine overall efficiency, and reduce costs, such that paper manufacturers can maintain market competitiveness. 

Whether for board and packaging or tissue and towel, our products, like METRIX™ Titan and METRIX Armor. Our METRIX Armor technology provides just enough wet strength to improve paper machine efficiency, but not so much strength that decomposition is compromised; our wet strength chemicals deliver significant savings for manufacturers. 
For example, a North American tissue and towel mill started using METRIX Titan Technology and has saved $850,000 due to improved charge balance, 48% reduction in energy use and 10% fiber substitution in furnish optimization.

Not only do our solutions help paper manufacturers reduce costs and energy use, but they also benefit the environment. Our wet strength chemicals and tissue additives are developed on a platform of sustainability and improving our ecological footprint. Our solutions can help you:

  • Reduce water and energy use
  • Increase the use of recycled water
  • Meet and exceed regulatory conformance
  • Improve effluent and solid waste benchmarks
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Wet Strength Featured Chemicals and Products

Metrix Armor


Metrix Armor is an industry leading wet strength chemical technology platform that can deliver cost-effective performance to meet the challenging demands of grades requiring the highest wet strength properties. Wet strength additives are a necessary and critical component of producing many grades of tissue, towel, specialty, and paperboard. 

Titan Statue


METRIX Titan Technology is a novel program that implements wet strength additives for paper to enhance productivity, dewatering and paper strength development. Manufacturers of towel tissue, paperboard and printing and writing paper, rely on METRIX Titan to improve paper machine efficiency, increase tensile strength, optimize wet end chemistry and ultimately reduce costs.