Whisper™ V
Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Whisper V is a liquid, 5th generation quaternary ammonium food contact hard surface sanitizer formulated for use in meat and poultry facilities. Whisper V is a blend of four effective quaternary ammonium compounds and has a wide range of use in both raw and ready-to-eat processing facilities.

Benefits and Characteristics 

    • Fifth generation quat is a low foaming and has increased tolerance to soil loading and hard water conditions.
    • Designed for use in meat and poultry processing facilities.
    • Effective against organisms typically encountered in the processing of ready-to-eat-meats.
    • Effective against bacteria that may cause odor or spoilage problems within meat and poultry processing plants.
    • EPA registered as a no-rinse sanitizer for use on hard, non-porous food contact surfaces at a concentration of 150-400 ppm active quaternary.
    • The non-corrosive use solution enables its use on virtually any hard non-porous surface in meat and poultry processing plants.
    • Useful for a wide variety of applications including sanitizing equipment, hard surfaces, non-porous gloved hands, shell eggs intended for food, and entryway sanitizing systems.
    • Effectively controls odors.
    • Non-corrosive to hard surfaces at recommended use dilution.
    • Convenient to use-easily proportioned through sprayers or injection meters.
    • Formula ingredients contain no phosphorus.