Before and after image of pipes affected by white rust and pipes cleaned through the white rust inhibitor program.

White Rust Inhibitor Programs

Galvanized steels typically found in refrigeration condensers can experience a type of premature corrosion, generally identified as “white rust”. The term “white rust” refers to a type of corrosion product affecting galvanized surfaces characterized as “an accumulation of white, fluffy, or waxy non-protective zinc corrosion product” which adheres to the zinc surface of galvanized steel. With this non-protective porous reaction product in place, the surface is not passive to future zinc reaction and rapid corrosion may continue.

Product Details

Nalco Water’s patented, white rust inhibitor is a synergistic blend of passivation agents, inhibitors and dispersing agents, formulated to minimize white rust corrosion. Using this rust inhibitor program as an integral part of a condenser water management 
programs can produce the following benefits:

  • Asset protection: Extend the service life of condenser system components through improved corrosion control 
  • Water conservation: Operate at higher cooling cycles 
  • Acid feed reduction/elimination: Corrosion protection at higher pH ranges 
  • Condenser start/stops or weekend shutdowns: Maintain corrosion protection or reestablish full degree of corrosion protection after shutdown 
  • Energy efficiency improvements: Eliminate heat transfer being impeded by corrosion deposits 
  • Continuous collection and management of corrosion performance data

White rust can become very destructive if allowed to advance untreated, because once the zinc layer on the surface of the steel has been consumed, corrosion of the mild steel may progress rapidly.

Now there’s a Rust Inhibitor Solution from Nalco Water

Because of the impact associated with this critical industry issue for plants utilizing galvanized condenser systems, Nalco Water focused its research efforts on solving the problem. The result is a best-in-class rust inhibitor solution that leverages 3D TRASAR™ technology to inhibit the corrosion of galvanized steel.