Ecolab XL Warewash Machine

XL Warewash Machine

Designed specifically for QSR applications, the XL has a higher wash chamber, 50% faster cycle time, faster dry time, and delivers productivity and food safety at a lower total cost.

Designed Specifically for Quick Service Restaurants

For quick service restaurants who need a high-capacity machine, with fast cycle times, and onboard heat, the Ecolab XL Warewash Machine prepared to conquer your large wares and tough soils.


High Capacity—With a door opening higher than the industry standard, the XL Warewash machine accommodates more large wares; holding 8 full size sheet pans.


Onboard Heat—The XL generates heat onboard ensuring consistent wash temperatures and eliminating the need for facility upgrades.


Speed—50% faster wash times. Fast dry times.


Product Flexibility—The XL takes advantage of all the benefits of solid products, with flexibility to take liquids.


Ecolab XL Warewash Machine in Fast Food Restaurant