Cleaning is synonymous with downtime. Every hour spent cleaning is an hour taken away from production.

Most production managers see cleaning downtime as inevitable, but the truth is that outdated cleaning SOPs are often adding significant cleaning downtime.

While plants are making major investments in automation, AI and other high-tech innovations, they’re often overlooking one area that holds huge opportunities to drive business value — quickly and without major capital investments or painful tech deployments: Outdated, sub-optimal cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Ecolab Life Sciences Driving Plant Performance through Modernized Cleaning eBook cover

This e-book will look at how sub-optimal cleaning is negatively impacting core goals every personal care and cosmetic production manager is targeting today:

  • Increasing Capacity and Reducing Costs
  • Meeting Sustainability Goals
  • Supporting Operator Safety

Additionally, you will learn steps you can consider for a better cleaning arsenal and protocols.

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