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Thank you for your interest in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This site contains information about the North American EDI specifications Ecolab uses. We hope that you will use this site to answer your questions and to communicate with the EBI group any concerns you may have. We will make every effort to be responsive to your questions.

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Types of Transactions

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Supported Transaction Sets

Transaction Description Audience Last Modified
GS1  GS1 Compliancy Statement  All 06/20/2011
210  Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice  Carrier 03/23/2006
211  Motor Carrier Bill of Lading  Carrier 02/06/2006
214  Shipment Status  Carrier  08/31/2004
810   Invoice  Customer  08/31/2004
812  Debt/Credit Memo  Customer  
820   Remittance Advice  Customer  
824   Application Advice  Customer  
832   UPC Catalog  Customer  
850   Purchase Order  Customer  08/31/2004
852   Product Activity Data  Customer  
855   PO Acknowledgement  Customer  08/31/2004
856   Ship Notice  Customer  
860   Purchase Order Change  Customer  08/31/2004
867   Resale Report  Customer/Distributor  
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