Employee Notice of Data Privacy Policies and Procedures

The Notice set forth via the links on this page outlines the Employee Personal Data that Ecolab may collect, how Ecolab uses and safeguards that data, and with whom we may share it. This Notice is intended to provide notice to individuals regarding Personal Data in an effort to be compliant with the data privacy laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which Ecolab operates as well as compliance with its own Data Privacy Compliance Manual. Unless otherwise required by a local jurisdiction or provided for in a subsequent or different notice, this Notice applies to all the processing of Employee Personal Data by the Ecolab organization, including its wholly owned subsidiaries, affiliates, and any third parties. This Notice is provided in a number of languages consistent with the jurisdictions in which Ecolab operates.

Ecolab reserves the right to modify this Notice from time to time in order that it accurately reflects the regulatory environment and our data collection principles. When material changes are made to this Notice, Ecolab will post the revised Privacy Statement here and provide employees subsequent notice where consistent with local laws or regulations.


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