Impact Facts on foodborne illness:

Together with our customers, we help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier, protecting people and vital resources. We work to address global trends and improve quality of life for people everywhere – demonstrated by these facts that capture the estimated annual impact we aim to make. 

Fact: We work to help customers prevent more than 1 million foodborne illnesses each year.



48,000,000 foodborne illnesses x 2.3% reduction in critical violations = 1,104,000


  • We do 214,000 audits a year through our EcoSure business
  • Over a one-year period, Ecolab helped our customers reduce critical violations by 2.3%      
  • Critical violations are those food handling practices that, when not done properly, can pose an immediate threat to food safety and be more likely to directly contribute to food contamination and/or foodborne illness
  • It is presumed that reducing critical violations reduces foodborne illnesses