Dangers of Cockroaches on Food

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring to Food Safety

A single cockroach sighted during the day can indicate that there is a significant infestation. Cockroaches, also known as ‘roaches,’ are nocturnal and prefer to live and breed in dark shelters near food and moisture. But if a harborage site is overpopulated, they can be forced out in daylight, often in search of food.

Why And How Cockroaches Can Affect Food Safety

Although cockroaches prefer to stay in hiding, they also need to eat. They will venture out when it is quiet to seek food and water. They are not particularly selective in their food preferences, feeding on garbage as well as processed foods. To get to the food they can tread across the floor and through garbage in search of food, then crawl across the food-contact surfaces of equipment.

The Impact of Cockroaches to Restaurants and Food Service Facilities

Because of the potential for food contamination, cockroaches can have significant repercussions from a food safety standpoint, as well as an economic and brand impact. A single sighting of this pest can be cause for a restaurant to be shut down by the agents of the Veterinary Service or from Fraud Control. The loss in revenue, customer loyalty and damage to your brand could be irreparable.

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