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Commercial Laundry Dispensing Systems

Ecolab offers innovative laundry dispensing solutions for commercial laundry operations that deliver improved cleaning efficiency and enhance the reliability, functionality and networking capability of your wash aisle, all supported by a personal sales and service team.

Automatic Laundry Detergent Dispensers

Ecolab offers a variety of commercial laundry detergent dispensing options, from compact to large. Our specialists work with you to determine the right equipment and configuration for your operation.

Featured Dispensing Systems:

Ecolab Ultrax12

Ultrax™ Dispensers

for Washer Extractors

Ideal for small washer extractors, Ultrax™ equipment is compact yet powerful. Available in several sizes, Ultrax™ systems are pre-assembled for quick installation.

Ecolab Elados Tunnel Dispenser

Elados Smart™ Dispenser

for Tunnel Washers

Improve the reliability and networking capability of your tunnel dispenser with Elados Smart™. This innovative system combines proven, reliable ELADOS™ electric pumps with the intelligence of connected real-time data, to save you time and money.

Why Choose Ecolab Laundry Dispensing Systems?

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Improve Safety

Minimize employee exposure to laundry chemicals.

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Get Better Results

Reliable and accurate dispensing of detergent and other chemicals improves results. Automatic dosing helps minimize potential downtime.

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Extend Laundry Life

Dispensing the right amount of detergent every time helps reduce degradation of linens and clothing.

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Improve Efficiency

Our systems decrease the need for manual labor and rewashing.

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