Desalting Management Program

Global refining customers throughout the world depend on industry-leading RESOLV™ emulsion breaker technology. As crude qualities fluctuate and operating specifications tighten, RESOLV programs combat operational compromises, delivering strong performance and reliability. Through RESOLV programs, Nalco Water helps refineries capture the benefits of processing challenging crudes.

Reduce Upsets to Improve Operating Profits

In addition to providing innovative, best-in-class demulsifiers, we take the time to understand your unit and processes. Our comprehensive RESOLV™ Desalter Management Program includes:

  • Industry leading emulsion breaker technology
  • Desalter modeling software
  • Desalter training materials
  • Knowledgeable field expertise
  • Expert technical support
  • Laboratory services

Nalco Water experts start by reviewing your entire system. We evaluate your current performance versus design parameters with our proprietary software programs. We analyze your Total Cost of Operation and indicate where desalter performance can be optimized. Our software output often becomes the basis for recommended solutions that will reduce upsets and downstream impacts while improving operating profits.

Our comprehensive approach results in an increasingly steady-state and reliable system with reduced operating and maintenance costs.

RESOLV for SteadyState Desalter Operations

The Nalco Water RESOLV™ program aims to produce steady-state desalter operations by utilizing all available mechanical, operational and chemical levers. With an optimized desalter operation, refineries can take advantage of lower cost “opportunity” crudes without sacrificing performance. Opportunity crudes include those characterized by lower gravities, higher viscosities and solids loading (basic sediment and filterable solids) as well as crudes with a higher potential to cause oil undercarry.

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