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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Solutions

Produce quality control requires a holistic approach. Ecolab has the programs, products and technology you need to ensure high-quality fruit and vegetable processing.

Hygiene is central to safe operations, and our hygiene programs offer the chemistry and training to safeguard the health of your employees. Digital monitoring gives you real-time insight with technology that is dependable and easy to use.

E. coli, Listeria, mold and bacteria seriously threaten food safety and the health of consumers. We offer produce processing wash and treatment solutions that are EPA-registered and OMRI-certified. They're designed to help maximize operational efficiencies and improve product quality so you reduce labor, improve product quality and lessen the use of ancillary chemicals.

Your equipment needs to be just as clean as your produce. We offer cleaners that disinfect contact equipment, including stainless steel processing surfaces, and we have chemistry to help remove and control biofilm.

Ecolab's fresh produce processing solutions reduce food processing risks, optimize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Partner with Ecolab today to protect your product and your brand.

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Tsunami™ Produce Processing Wash

The Quickest Route to the Cleanest Produce

Improve product quality, drive efficiency and reduce water use when you implement the Ecolab Tsunami Program.

Tsunami™ 100 is an EPA-registered and OMRI-certified antimicrobial water additive. It reduces 99.9% of dangerous pathogens in fruit and vegetable processing water1, including E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella

Tsunami™ 200 helps reduce microbial contamination on processed produce surfaces and is designed for use in flume and washing operations. It substantially reduces yeast, mold and bacteria on surfaces1.

1According to Ecolab data

Programs, Products, Equipment and Services

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Total Plant Assurance

We understand your complex operation. With Ecolab as your partner, every part of your operation is protected and optimized. From influent to cleaning and sanitation to wastewater treatment, Ecolab Total Plant Assurance delivers increased operational efficiency, sustainability and food safety and quality.
Clean Out of Place Solutions

Equipment & Engineering Services

As the company that invented clean-in-place, our experienced, full-service team has the knowledge, technology and industry expertise to deliver systems designed to help reduce overall operational costs and enhance food safety programs.

Ecolab Hygiene Monitoring Program

Hygiene Monitoring Program

Ecolab partners with Hygiena to bring the food and beverage industry a new hygiene monitoring program that creates a best-in-class, innovative and cost-competitive offering that helps optimize your food safety program.

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Food Safety Training

The Ecolab Food Safety Institute provides classroom and hands-on industry and customer training courses that help to proactively manage food safety risks, improve productivity and help assure regulatory compliance.

Food Safety Experts in Lab

Food Safety Expertise

As the global leader in food safety technology, Ecolab provides accessible, actionable food safety information to our customers across the food supply chain, including quick customer response to food safety concerns.