Fuel Oil Stability Additives

Blending fuel oils with different sulfur levels to create very low sulfur fuel oils (VLSFO) is often susceptible to solid formation due to incompatibility of the paraffinic and aromatic components. This challenge can be resolved with effective stabilizing additives. When VLSFOs are treated with Nalco Water stability additives, the asphaltenes are dispersed and unable to coalesce. This allows the VLSFO to remain stable and compatible over time, while being compliant with the 0.5% sulfur specification of IMO 2020.

IMO 2020 Advantages

Economic Advantage

At the dawn of IMO 2020 implementation, the industry has been preparing to approach the new regulations through different strategies. Changing refinery operations to minimize fuel oil production via coking, upgrading refinery processes, or processing sweeter crude slates are among the options. However, in order to avoid large capital investment, creating new VLSFO blends that meet the 0.5% specification is the most cost-effective approach. Nalco Water stabilizing additives enable refiners to meet the new regulations and solve challenges associated with fuel oil blending in the most economical way.

Immediate Problem-Solving Additives

Our stability additives are formulated to effectively combat the instability and incompatibility problems, allowing VLSFOs availability in the market.

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Stability Additives for VLSFO Blends

IMO 2020 will be a major challenge to global refiners, requiring effective stability additives to ensure fuel oil blends remain stable and compatible over time. Nalco Water heavy fuel oil stabilizers are designed to improve stability and compatibility of fuel oil blends.