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The most Accurate way to monitor Compliance

You now have the ability to transform the way your hospital creates, monitors and reports hand hygiene compliance. Change the way your staff thinks about hand hygiene to improve safe interactions with patients.


The Patient Zone is an electronically monitored zone set up around the patient's bed to detect every hand hygiene opportunity. A beacon on the bed provides continuous monitoring even when the patient's bed is moved. The different components in the system gather and transmit information, which can be accessed on a hospital's dashboard.

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Better Outcomes Sustained

With hospital costs on the rise, hand hygiene is the easiest way to bring down the overall cost of care while improving patient outcomes. It's the reason hand hygiene compliance tops the list of priorities at the nation's safest hospitals. Here's why the Compliance monitoring System is so unique:

The Patient Zone The bed kit creates a zone around the patient to indicate if the healthcare worker washes their hands or sanitizes before and after patient contact.

Immediate Feedback The badge, warn by all healthcare workers, measures and records every hand hygiene event by individual. Visual and audible feedback is immediate.

Robust Reporting Data is compiled to track performance by individual, department, hospital or system. Compliance trends are reported as well as equipment status, sanitizer and soap levels and battery life.

Little to No IT Involvement The system is not tied to the hospital's network. It does not utilize private or public Wi-Fi, and does not require hardwiring.

Better Outcomes Sustained
Compliance Monitoring Badge

User-Friendly Badge

The healthcare worker's badge monitors individual hand hygiene events. Green, yellow and red lights deliver immediate feedback based on compliance. An audible beep serves as a reminder to wash or sanitize.

The Complete Program

Ecolab is the only hand hygiene provider with best-in-class products, dispenser, compliance monitoring options, service and training. The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program can transform the way your hospital drives, monitors and reports compliance, which will drive and sustain better patient outcomes.

TECHNOLOGY is having the right products in the right places to drive compliance and operational efficiency.


INFORMATION is the gateway to actionable data used to optimize performance and change habits.
SERVICE is a hallmark of your partnership with us. Ecolab keeps hospital hours.
TRAINING is the way we elevate your staff's knowledge and expertise, from visual reminders to in-service, in-person training sessions for your staff.
Compliance Monitoring Brochure
Compliance monitoring system Brochure
Hand Hygiene Program brochure
Hand Hygiene Program brochure 

As of January 1, 2018 individual hand hygiene failures in the process of direct patient care
will be cited by Joint Commission surveyors.

Ecolab AE with Infection Preventionist
Driving and Sustaining Better Outcomes Starts by learning more about the compliance monitoring system

Protect your patients and your staff with accuracy. Now is the time to transform the way your hospital monitors and reports hand hygiene compliance.

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