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Nurse Patient Interaction

For hospitals

The Ecolab® Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System allows you to accurately record hand hygiene events by individual, holding each healthcare worker accountable for their compliance and providing actionable guidance for improvement. This helps you achieve and sustain results, deliver better patient outcomes, provide a safer working environment for staff and protect margins for your hospital. 


The most Accurate way to monitor Compliance

You now have the ability to transform the way your hospital creates, monitors and reports hand hygiene compliance. Change the way your staff thinks about hand hygiene to improve safe interactions with patients.


The Patient Zone is an electronically monitored zone set up around the patient’s bed to detect every hand hygiene opportunity.

A beacon on the bed provides continuous monitoring even when the patient’s bed is moved. The different components in the system gather and transmit information, which can be accessed on a hospital’s dashboard. 

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It seems like a small thing, but it might be your most important step in fighting HAIs and we have a great system in place to make it easy. The system accurately records hand hygiene events by individual, holding each healthcare worker accountable for their compliance, helping your hospital achieve the highest level of sustained hand hygiene compliance.

Protect your patients – wash your hands.

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The Patient Zone 
The bed kit creates a zone around the patient to indicate if the healthcare worker washes their hands or sanitizes before and after patient contact.


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Immediate Feedback  
The badge, worn by all healthcare workers, measures and records every hand hygiene event by individual. Visual and audible feedback is immediate.
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Robust Reporting  
Data is compiled to track performance by individual, department, hospital or system. Compliance trends are reported as well as equipment status, sanitizer and soap levels and battery life.
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Little to No IT Involvement  
The system is not tied to the hospital’s network. It does not utilize private or public Wi-Fi, and does not require hardwiring. 

Ecolab Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring
Actionable Insights and Digital Dashboards

You can't reduce hospital infection rates using inadequate data.  Customizable, clinician-friendly dashboards collect data and provide insights on individual hand hygiene behaviors, measure compliance and pinpoint precisely where corrective action is needed, down to a department, team or individual level. ​

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Compliance monitoring system Brochure
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Hand Hygiene Program brochure 

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