Manual Cleaning for Food and Beverage Processing Plants

COP Systems for Food Manufacturing

Clean out-of-place (also called manual cleaning) is essential for meeting food safety goals and cleanliness requirements. Because open plant cleaning is a labor-intensive process with short turnaround times, it's critical that your COP system is optimized so you can maximize plant efficiency.

When you improve your COP system, you make it easier for employees to clean safer and more efficiently. That reduces operational costs, decreases water and energy consumption and increases quality control. 

Finding an expert partner who knows COP optimization is crucial for your bottom line. Ecolab has the experience to understand the nuances of different environments, and we partner with you to find the right open plant cleaning solutions for your operation. 

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COP Optimization: More Than Cleaning Chemicals

A holistic COP approach will yield better results. Ecolab has the open plant cleaning chemicals you need and we provide the equipment and services to ensure that every aspect is optimized. You can easily integrate our solutions into your existing manual cleaning process, or we can custom-engineer a system that accommodates your specific requirements.

Programs, Products, Equipment and Services

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Ready-to-Eat product being processed in food processing plant.

Unique COP Requirements for Ready-to-Eat

Ready-to-eat protein facilities encounter additional COP cleaning and sanitization challenges. Ovens, fryers and smokehouses often lead to burnt-on soils, and the increased need for environmental monitoring of listeria require a full program of effective sanitizers and floor and drain management.

Partner Program: Clean-in-Place

Ecolab invented CIP, and our expertise is second to none. Our tailored clean-in-place approach optimizes your production capabilities to deliver operational savings and consistent results.

Clean Out of Place Solutions

Equipment & Engineering Services

As the company that invented clean-in-place, our experienced, full-service team has the knowledge, technology and industry expertise to deliver systems designed to help reduce overall operational costs and enhance food safety programs.

Ecolab Hygiene Monitoring Program

Hygiene Monitoring Program

Ecolab partners with Hygiena to bring the food and beverage industry a new hygiene monitoring program that creates a best-in-class, innovative and cost-competitive offering that helps optimize your food safety program.

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Food Safety Training

The Ecolab Food Safety Institute provides classroom and hands-on industry and customer training courses that help to proactively manage food safety risks, improve productivity and help assure regulatory compliance.

Food Safety Experts in Lab

Food Safety Expertise

As the global leader in food safety technology, Ecolab provides accessible, actionable food safety information to our customers across the food supply chain, including quick customer response to food safety concerns.