Cockroach Monitoring Devices Help Protect Restaurant Brand

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A full-service restaurant was experiencing high levels of cockroach activity. Cockroaches were routinely visible, posing a risk to both the restaurant’s food safety and its brand reputation.

Areas of cockroach pressure had proved difficult to identify in the past because traditional cockroach traps would routinely be removed by staff members who were either cleaning with pressure washers, or who wanted to get rid of any evidence of cockroaches.

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The Ecolab Pest Elimination Service team installed Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Stations to establish a highly effective cockroach monitoring service that identifies the presence and location of German cockroach activity with 24/7 vigilance. The benefits of this monitoring service include discrete placement and appearance, durability and sustained brand and food safety protection. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Stations are placed in areas where cockroaches naturally harbor and are likely to move through.

The Cockroach Multi-Station’s discreet design helps reduce staff tampering and unwanted visibility. Additionally, these permanent and durable stations are made to withstand busy, wet and steamy kitchen environments.

Ecolab’s patented innovation is highly effective in capturing all life-stages of German cockroaches. The unique design of the multi-station offers increased monitor sensitivity, therefore effectively catching more cockroaches than traditional glue boards. Additionally, this provides earlier warnings of an infestation and can provide proof of elimination services.

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Investigation & Solution

By deploying this new way of monitoring cockroach activity, the Ecolab Pest Elimination Service team quickly identified cockroach ‘hot-spots’, narrowing their area of focus to investigate the origin of cockroach pressure. The hot-spot within this account was identified as an area under a prep table which had rolling garbage bins that were moved between the kitchen and a communal dumpster area. Understanding that the bins were acting as cockroach transport from the dumpster area was a significant breakthrough.

Upon inspecting the dumpster area, a large cockroach harborage was discovered, and a full remedial plan was put in place. This involved chemical treatments, improving cleaning and sanitation best practices and sanitation advice for the customer on how to properly manage their garbage handling procedures to prevent the introduction of pests into the kitchen areas. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Station also played a part in the remedy. 

Not only can it be used as a monitoring device, it can also be used with gel baits as part of a comprehensive elimination program. The multi-stations remain in place for the long-term to continue to monitor for any future cockroach activity. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Station combined with expert root cause analysis and a highly effective treatment plan eliminated the cockroach problem and protected the restaurant’s brand, food and facility safety.

"I was really impressed with how quickly the Ecolab team got after the problem and their ability to identify where the cockroaches were coming from. The cockroach multi-stations kept out of the way of my staff, and I think this made a big difference. The fact that the cockroaches aren’t visible means that we can be confident that monitoring is happening out of sight. " - Ecolab Customer

The Results

Cockroach Hot-Spots Were 

Fully Eliminated

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