The Sustainable Solution
for Cleaner Linens

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Tainan, Taiwan, is the first internationally affiliated deluxe hotel in the country outside Taipei that offers an ideal base for both business and leisure travelers. Guest satisfaction, which depends on a clean, safe, healthy and sustainable operation, is critical to the property’s success.

Reduced water usage by 363,236 gallons.

Shangri-La partnered with Ecolab to optimize the hotel’s laundry program, implementing our Aquanomic™ Laundry Program, comprehensive liquid laundry products (phosphorus, APE and NTA-free), and ongoing on-site training and service. The Aquanomic (Ensure) Laundry Program delivers thermal energy savings of up to 25 percent by performing at 40°C and reduces water use by eliminating a flush-and-rinse step while still delivering clean, white and soft results.

$4,000 total water and energy savings.

By assessing additional opportunities for energy and water savings through our “total cost-of-clean tool”, the hotel is able to analyze its full laundry process and optimize formulation over time to ensure the operation is running efficiently, maximizing the longevity of towels and linens and reducing environmental impact.
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