The resource-Saving Way to Satisfy Guests

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In the hotel business, nothing is more important than guest satisfaction. So when the general manager of a limited-service hotel noticed less than satisfying results from the hotel laundry, she called Ecolab.

The hotel had high standards and a strong commitment to delighting guests, in addition to a general manager who understood that linen quality can ultimately impact customer loyalty. Meanwhile, the hotel’s controller was looking to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. We found a solution to help out both parties.

A solution that delivers on operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

We recommended our exclusive Aquanomic laundry program, including products, processes and dispensing equipment. Delivering the clean, white and soft results guests expect.

By reducing wash steps, water usage and water temperature, the program cut water and energy use by up to 40 percent – which in turn reduced utility costs.

Best of all, the program dramatically improved wash results — delivering the clean, white and soft results guests expect.

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