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In the pulp and paper industry, production efficiency is critical. And when a leading global pulp and paper company introduced a new set of key performance indicators – designed to help measure tangible improvements in productivity and consequent reductions in cost at one of its mills – they came to us for help.

Our team reviewed all aspects of the papermaking operation to identify areas for improvement that could positively impact the key performance indicators – improvement in on-machine efficiency, increased machine speed, increased sheet ash content, reduced chemical costs and improved sheet quality. We found that the locations for chemical addition, coupled with the amount of fresh water used for product dilution, did not deliver the necessary amount of mixing energy required for adequate product distribution. As a result, the overall cost-effectiveness of the program was low.

PARETO Mixing Technology enhances system performance, yields better fiber recovery and delivers major reductions in the demand for water and energy.

$95,000 per year

Luckily, we had a solution. We implemented our PARETO Mixing Technology to improve the performance of the wet end process, enabling the use of clarified whitewater for the secondary dilution of the chemistries involved and helping ensure consistently correct dilution. Ultimately, our solution reduced the demand for fresh water and lowered the customer’s associated costs.

  • Reduced direct chemical costs by 25%
  • Reduced water use by 10,170,545 gallons a year
  • Saved the customer more than $95,000 a year in chemical and water costs
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