The ROI of Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

The Value Your Hospital Can Realize by Making the Switch

Phase II HHCM Equipment January 2020

While there are many options available to measure and track hand hygiene compliance, electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring can offer a significant value over alternative options by providing the data and insights hospitals need to accurately track, improve and sustain a healthcare facility’s compliance. However, implementing such a solution can be an investment in time, money and energy for hospitals, so before selecting a vendor it’s important to understand how their solution can truly impact a hospital’s performance and outcomes. Here, we’ll explore the return on investment you should expect from an electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution so you can accurately evaluate how electronic monitoring can help you, and determine which vendor is the right fit for your hospital.

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The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

Ecolab's Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System allows hospitals to accurately record hand hygiene events by individual, holding each healthcare worker accountable for their compliance and providing actionable guidance for improvement.  This helps you achieve and sustain results, deliver better patient outcomes, provide a safer working environment for staff and protect margins for your hospital.

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