Data and Analytics for Integrated Water Management

ECOLAB3D is a secure, cloud-based, IIoT platform that distills data in real time into actionable insights. It uses advanced algorithms and predictive analytics that enable quick detection of system deviations so you can take action to address issues. When combined with our industry-leading expertise, ECOLAB3D digital services help businesses improve their total water management strategy for more efficient operations and improved water resiliency.

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Advanced Algorithms and Analytics

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Actionable Insights

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Performance, Value, Risk Mitigation

Turn Asset Analytics into Action

Enterprise-level visibility means that you’ll be better equipped with real-time water monitoring and insights into your operations. An asset tree will help you sort and consolidate information from sites and assets, while artificial intelligence and algorithms will enable you to detect any problems, boost optimization and predict upcoming maintenance needs. With ECOLAB3D, it’s all stored and managed in the cloud, for secure information that’s accessible on any connected device. ECOLAB3D uses predictive analytics and machine learning, backed by a global team of on-site and remote experts, to help companies optimize their operations and reduce their environmental footprint at the same time.

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How ECOLAB3D Works:

Get insight. Take Action. Deliver Value.

ECOLAB3D collects data from Ecolab’s IIoT controller, monitoring systems, sensors and other systems to help enable enterprise visibility and deliver real-time actionable insights. Our field teams work with you to apply these insights, to help you enhance the value of your programs and assets. With better enterprise visibility, you can make data-driven decisions about water and asset performance, risk and compliance and more.

ECOLAB3D IIoT platform provides:

  • Enterprise View
    Visualize the overall performance to gain real-time visibility and identify performance opportunities at enterprise, site and asset levels.
  • Asset Tree
    Consolidate critical data and contextualize asset inventory into a structured view of enterprise-wide performance analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Use advanced analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence to help detect anomalies, boost optimization and predict maintenance.
  • Secure, Cloud-Based Platform
    Get easy and secure access to the platform, data and applications from nearly any connected device.
  • Data Visualization
    Provide trend charts and benchmark performance across sites and assets to enable quick problem solving.

ECOLAB3D Benefits

With digital services powered by ECOLAB3D, we help you deliver smarter performance across your industrial or commercial facilities.


ECOLAB3D can help you conserve water, cut back on energy use, get the most out of assets and enhance asset and equipment service life.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Leverage our integrated water management services to get deeper insights into water use, water performance, critical operations and assets at site and enterprise scale.

Energy Savings

This proven suite of products can help your organization develop best practices for energy savings, then put them into action.

Risk Mitigation

Some sites are at greater risk of water safety problems, and it’s vital to be able to move and respond quickly if they happen. ECOLAB3D can help you identify and employ a more agile response at these at-risk locations.

IIoT Solutions Powered by ECOLAB3D

ECOLAB3D digital services provide water performance insights so you can address your operational challenges.

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Service Intelligence

Service Intelligence enhances collaboration and transparency with your Nalco Water support team with real-time data views, analysis tools and dynamic reporting.


Water Quality Intelligence

Water Quality Intelligence provides real-time water performance intelligence for operational efficiency and financial savings.

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OMNI is a comprehensive asset management program that provides insights into historical and real-time data to help predict and prevent issues.

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The CrudeFlex system of configurable, innovative technologies helps refiners quickly simulate and predict the stability of any crude blend to achieve crude flexibility.

Legionella Nodes

Water Safety Intelligence

Water Safety Intelligence helps protect your employees, customers and brand by proactively managing and quickly addressing water safety and Legionella level of risk across your enterprise. 

Water Flow Intelligence

Water Flow Intelligence

Water Flow Intelligence helps uncover water savings opportunities via real-time visibility of usage at multiple levels.

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Climate Intelligence

Climate Intelligence is a digital solution that helps industrial businesses reduce carbon emissions and lower costs by optimizing the way water transports and transfers energy in their operations.


3D TRASAR™ Technology

Among the world's most advanced water management systems, 3D TRASAR technology helps Nalco Water customers save more than 215 billion gallons of water per year in utility and process applications.


Flotation 360™

Flotation 360 is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for mineral processing plants.

Real-World Value

ECOLAB3D industrial water technology combines data-driven insights with expert know-how to help businesses optimize performance, mitigate risk and drive valuable outcomes.


Reducing Water Usage 

One of the world’s leading automakers saves 25 million gallons (94.6 million liters) of water per year at a single assembly plant with Water Flow Intelligence.

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Improving Regulatory Compliance

U.S. steel mill leverages ECOLAB3D, IoT and real-time analytics to meet regulatory standards, increase visibility, and reduce risk.

Global Leaders Partnering for Sustainability

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Ecolab has partnered with Microsoft to combine industry best practices with state-of-the-art digital technologies to help businesses reduce their environmental impact while maintaining profitability.

  • Better water conservation and resilience at the local level.
  • Reduced water waste in manufacturing.
  • Reduced chemical use and waste in manufacturing.
  • Recycle and reuse water to minimize local watershed impact.

Learn More About ECOLAB3D

Learn more about how ECOLAB3D can help improve performance, manage risk and deliver value across your enterprise.