How to Design an Electric Vehicle Paint Booth Environment for a Smooth Start-Up

PANELISTS: Ron Kruse, Sr. Project Mgr, Nalco Water, Dave Ball, Sr. Corporate Acct Mgr, Nalco Water, Kenny White, KW Paint Manufacturing

Live Virtual Panel Discussion

Installing a new paint booth or launching a new Electric Vehicle (EV) model at your site comes with both high complexity and low margin for error. The pressure is on to get up and running quickly while ensuring first-time quality from the outset.

Nalco Water and Abednego partner with OEMs around the world to start-up and manage 50+ automotive paint booths. Join us on May 4 for a live panel discussion for the Automotive and EV industry: Our experts will share best practices to minimize defects and maximize throughput in the booth environment, beginning with plan design through start-up and full-scale production. 

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Event Details

Our panel brings more than a century of experience in understanding the day-to-day operations that impact the booth environment. In under an hour, you’ll learn:

  • What is the booth environment and why does it matter?
  • Factors to consider in booth-environment design 
  • Designing for the long-term booth environment
  • Environmental, safety and sustainability considerations

Meet the Panelists

Ron Kruse

Senior Project Engineer, Nalco Water
Expertise in design and refurbishment of booth environments

Dave Ball

Senior Corporate Account Manager, Nalco Water
Expertise in start-up and operations of booth environment 

Kenny White

KW Paint & Manufacturing
More than 40 years’ experience in OEM paint operation and engineering

Moderated by Janet Kirkman

Senior Marketing Manager, Nalco Water

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