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Reverse Osmosis System Performance and Monitoring

The performance of a commercial reverse osmosis (RO) system has a significant impact on water quality and plant operations. Nalco Water’s RO Performance Services brings together industry expertise, process control, real-time monitoring and onsite service to ensure that your system is operating at its best.

RO Performance Services is a hands-on partnership. We work alongside you to ensure your water treatment performance meets best practices and helps you reach your goals—including water quality, reduced energy use and sustainability.

Nalco Water’s RO System Expertise

Nalco Water’s team is made up of RO system performance and monitoring experts. We have water specialists who troubleshoot unique system issues, service technicians who inspect RO systems and research scientists who identify opportunities for reducing water and energy while maintaining target production levels.

Our team is supplemented by our 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes, a remote monitoring system that detects potential problems in real time.

RO System Performance Evaluation and Planning

When you partner with Nalco Water, we guide you through a unique process of discovery, planning and value determination. You’ll get a big-picture understanding of how your RO system can achieve peak performance and the details of how it will help drive your business goals.

Immersive discovery that includes:

  • Best practice audit: ID technical, process and business GAPS
  • GAPS breakdown
  • Roles and responsibilities assessment

Customized plan that is aligned with total value delivered and continuous improvement:

  • Direction for optimized procedures, communication, parts inventory, testing and validation, maintenance
  • Risk management recommendations 
  • Roles and responsibilities outline

Quantified value statement that details:

  • Support of business drivers
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Equipment uptime and asset life 
  • Communication benefits 
  • Cost and risk avoidance 
  • Total value delivered savings

Service Offerings for RO System
Performance Optimization and Monitoring

Nalco Water has a range of options for RO system performance optimization and monitoring, including standard and customized services:

RO-Related Product, Chemical and Media Sales

  • Monthly system inventory checks and review
  • Pre-filters inventory review and supply 
  • Polishing filter inventory review and supply 
  • Maintain inventory of UV bulb and sleeves
  • Inventory of probes and calibration solutions
  • Pre-filter media supply 
  • Proprietary antiscalant chemistry
  • De-chlorination chemistry or carbon inventory
  • Proprietary clean in place chemicals

Flexible Services to Optimize Performance

  • Prescribe and maintain critical spares inventory
  • Fully documented service plan
  • Program administration manual 
  • Annual business review
  • CIP Service and report with a qualified technician
  • Off site membrane cleaning and cleaning report
  • UV Service and report — bulbs and sleeves replacement
  • Facility system specific training
  • Facility training on RO function and performance
  • Meter calibrations and probe replacements
  • 3rd party calibration and certification
  • Support for site of agency standards
  • Monthly RO system performance check 
  • Sanitization of RO and related equipment piping
  • Pre-filter system and PM services
  • Pre-filter media re-beds

Consulting Services to Optimize Performance

  • Annual analytical water analysis, feed, permeate, reject
  • Plant data review and normalization 
  • Membrane autopsy
  • Biological monitoring
  • Consulting around water quality monitoring
  • Supply of patented RO Trasar program

Digital Tracking to Optimize Production

  • Data trending review and reporting
  • Supply of patented 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes program
  • Plant training on 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes performance measurement

Water Pretreatment Services

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