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Water Treatment
System Audit

A good water treatment system audit identifies problem areas and notes opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.

An audit helps you answer important questions about your operation: Is your water treatment system working effectively? Are your procedures aligned with best practices? Are there filtration inefficiencies? Are you wasting water?

Nalco Water has skilled engineers and scientists who perform commercial water treatment audits and interpret the results, so you can make adjustments that improve your systems and affect your bottom line.

Data from a Commercial Water Treatment Audit

We help you collect important data about:

  • Water system information (type, array/stages, types of monitoring)
  • Raw water source
  • Permeate application
  • Operation information
  • Membrane equipment
  • Membrane chemical information
  • Membrane cleaning program (including on-site program and procedure)
  • Feed water or concentrate analysis
  • Your water system’s total operating cost

Your Industrial Water Filtration System Expert

When you choose Nalco Water, you have a dedicated account rep and 24/7 service.

Our experts take a holistic approach that considers mechanical, operational, and chemistry needs, so you don’t get a temporary fix — you have the right solution.

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