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AdvaCare disinfectant

AdvaCare™ Disinfectant is an EPA-registered laundry disinfectant oxidizer with kill claims against eleven microorganisms of concern on healthcare linen, including C. difficile; the number one U.S. healthcare-associated infectious microorganism. AdvaCare Disinfectant outperforms chlorine and peroxide for disinfecting, whiteness, extending linen life, sustainability and overall effectiveness.

AdvaCare™ Disinfectant Program

Stand out as the premier laundry destination in town. Using AdvaCare™ Disinfectant in the wash aisle shows you’re going above and beyond for your customers and their patients. You’ll be seen as a valued and trusted partner for patient safety.
residual bacstat
Residual Bacstat

EPA-REG. # 68 36-38-1677
As a final step in the wash process, this EPA-registered additive gives linens a proven, protective barrier that inhibits bacterial growth should any potential cross-contamination occur.

fluid repellent

Improve the wash process, increase the service life of surgical textiles like barrier garments and further reduce the risk of blood borne pathogen transmission with this state-of-the-art additive.