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Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS)

If you need bio-decontamination services but don’t have the resources, time or equipment, Bioquell has your solution. From the smallest enclosure to a large building, our skilled personnel provide the customized treatment you require.

RBDS is Ideal for:

  • Bio Safety–Level Labs 2, 3 and 4
  • Post-Construction New-Area Commissioning
  • Additional Research Areas
  • Pharmaceutical Production Areas
  • Annual Shutdown for Area Maintenance
  • Emergency Containment Control and Elimination


Why Choose RBDS

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Expert team for swift setup and decontamination turnaround, including emergency response

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Custom treatment for any project size

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Full reporting with complete biological and chemical indicators results documenting a 6-log kill

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Full decontamination in minimized timeframe with enhanced equipment capacity and proficient team members to get you up and running quickly 

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Design and flexibility that blend into your existing decontamination process, preventive maintenance or emergency response plans

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Availability during weekends, holidays and off-peak hours to ensure you return to full operation as soon as possible

Applicable Solutions

Cell and Gene Therapy

The risk and financial impact of microbial contamination is exceptionally high during the cell-production procedure, making aseptic conditions essential to the handling of cell samples. Performing as many steps as possible under isolation and following effective disinfection is the safest method. Our flexible bio-decontamination solutions help you to maintain a secure environment free of microbiological contaminants so you can develop and advance leading therapies and treatments.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Compounding

Stringent manufacturing and compounding conditions call for leading bio-decontamination solutions. Whether operated by your staff members or one of our expert onsite technicians, our fixed and portable hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination systems kill organisms on surfaces in your pass-throughs, airlocks and other areas for total working efficacy.

Research and Laboratory

We understand biological safety is key to your research processes. That’s why Bioquell from Ecolab offers flexible bio-decontamination solutions for research facilities both large and small, allowing you to lead the way without a contaminant slowing you down. From your benchtop to your entire workspace, our mobile and built-in systems reduce your bioburden at every step of your workflow. 

Biotechnology and Drug Development

The strict and continual application of aseptic processing, environmental controls and monitoring are key to the approval and success of your final drug or product as a leading solution. With Bioquell’s automated, validated bio-decontamination, you have confidence in your bioburden reduction of your workspace and enhancements for sterility testing.


  1. Vaporizers are placed strategically for desired vapor emission and can be networked with multiple generators to safely cover large-volume areas.
  2. Aeration and distribution units help efficiently spread the vapor at the start of the cycle and quickly remove it during the final stage.
  3. Control panel networks multiple vaporizers, environmental monitoring equipment (not pictured), and aeration units from a single device.
  4. Portable hydrogen peroxide vapor detectors are used in performing routine safety checks during a cycle to ensure no leaks outside the treated area takes place.

Reporting and Confirmation

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Bioquell’s rapid bio-decontamination service provides a complete final report confirming a 6-log sporicidal kill of the surfaces in the enclosed spaces we’ve treated for you.

Each report includes the readings of our internally produced, high-quality biological and chemical indicators. Our biological indicators are made from Geobacillus stearothermophilus endospores to ensure reliable results in seeking to validate a 6-log removal of bioburden from the decontamination process. Bioquell chemical indicators are coated with our specially formulated, reactive dye to provide real-time indications of the decontamination service.

Key parts of your report also will cover detailed cycle parameters and graphs, pre- and post-vaporizing environmental conditions recorded, incubation records of the biological indicators, maps showing the placement of all equipment and indicators, equipment calibration information and certificates of analysis for all consumables used, including the hydrogen peroxide.

Biodecontamination FAQ

What is Bioquell RBDS?
Bioquell’s Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS) is a fully inclusive and managed decontamination solution that uses hydrogen peroxide vapor to help eradicate microorganisms from the environment. It is designed to be used in spaced of various types and sizes.

Will I have to close the whole building during this process?
Typically, all adjacent areas can remain occupied with no disruption to your other working areas. We will also monitor the exterior of the area during decontamination as part of our safety procedures.

Is my space too large or difficult to decontaminate?
Whether you have operational and logistical concerns or the scope of the project is expansive, we will most likely be able to meet your decontamination needs thanks to the adaptability and scalability of Bioquell RBDS.

Can I leave my equipment in the area?
Yes – and we encourage you to do so. Equipment that has been removed will then have to be put back, adding extra work and risk of introducing a contaminant.

How long will it take for Bioquell to decontaminate my area for me?
Each situation is unique and we will work with you to provide an accurate assessment.

What type of documentation do I receive with this service?
RBDS is supported by documentation including full site surveys, safety information, risk assessment, method statement, detailed reporting confirming results and more.

Can you decontaminate equipment only with this service?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss further.

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