Bioquell SeQure Fixed Biodecontamination System

Bioquell SeQure

The Bioquell SeQure is the fixed and compact wall-mounted bio-decontamination system that kills microorganisms that can lead to a contamination event threatening your research and production facility.

Bioquell SeQure is Ideal for:

  • Pass-Throughs and Material Airlocks
  • Lab and Room Decontamination
  • Spaces Smaller Than 150 Cubic Meters
  • Viral and Bacterial Vector Work
  • Biosecurity
  • Small Research Areas 

Why Choose The Bioquell SeQure

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Fast, effective automated cycles for high throughput

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Ideal bio-decontamination system for retrofitting or new construction; mounting ability on nearly any wall surface

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Full GMP compliance; automatic cycle-prediction technology for swift validation

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Push-button, vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination of every exposed surface; reduction of manual labor and the risk of error with spray-and-wipe methods

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Wall mounting with connectivity to your building management system or SCADA via Modbus protocol

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Automated, validated cycles and distinctive design for installation and validation in less than one week

Applicable Solutions

Cell and Gene Therapy

The risk and financial impact of microbial contamination is exceptionally high during the cell-production procedure, making aseptic conditions essential to the handling of cell samples. Performing as many steps as possible under isolation and following effective disinfection is the safest method. Our flexible bio-decontamination solutions help you to maintain a secure environment free of microbiological contaminants so you can develop and advance leading therapies and treatments.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Compounding

Stringent manufacturing and compounding conditions call for leading bio-decontamination solutions. Whether operated by your staff members or one of our expert onsite technicians, our fixed and portable hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination systems kill organisms on surfaces in your pass-throughs, airlocks and other areas for total working efficacy.

Research and Laboratory

We understand biological safety is key to your research processes. That’s why Bioquell from Ecolab offers flexible bio-decontamination solutions for research facilities both large and small, allowing you to lead the way without a contaminant slowing you down. From your benchtop to your entire workspace, our mobile and built-in systems reduce your bioburden at every step of your workflow.

Biotechnology and Drug Development

The strict and continual application of aseptic processing, environmental controls and monitoring are key to the approval and success of your final drug or product as a leading solution. With Bioquell’s automated, validated bio-decontamination, you have confidence in your bioburden reduction of your workspace and enhancements for sterility testing.


Bioquell SeQure Components

1. Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizer

  • 4 integrated fans dynamically distribute vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • Automated cycle prediction technology
  • Operates at room temperature conditions, safe for heat-sensitive materials

2. Control Unit

  • Easy-to-use, color touchscreen
  • Password protected programmed decontamination cycles

3. Dual Bottle Module

  • Minimizes peroxide wastage with no decanting
  • Houses 2 H2O2 bottles (950ml each)

Consumables & Accessories

Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant
This 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution is designed for use with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor technology. The solution has been researched, tested and evaluated with Bioquell technology to ensure consistent efficacious cycles by delivering a 6-log sporicidal reduction.
Bioquell Biological Indicators
Bioquell Biological Indicators

Our individually crafted biological indicators made from Geobacillus stearothermophilus endospores ensure reliable results when seeking to validate a 6-log reduction of bioburden from the decontamination process.

Bioquell Aeration Module
Aeration Module

For when your HVAC system cannot help eliminate hydrogen peroxide vapor, our slim wall- or ceiling-mounted unit quickens your decontamination cycles and communicates with the Bioquell SeQure system for faster turnaround.

Bioquell Room CI
Bioquell Room CI

The Bioquell Room CI is our chemical indicator developed for rooms 25m3 and larger. Place one or multiple indicators in the room you are performing Bioquell bio-decontamination to see your expected results in real-time. The color changing strip printed on the CI has a reactive dye specifically tailored for monitoring Bioquell’s bio-decontamination process, allowing you to see the results as they occur.

Contact us to learn how Bioquell Qube consumables and accessories can help optimize your workflow.

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Bioquell SecQure

Bioquell SeQure system components are wall-mounted inside or outside of your workspace for a minimal footprint that maximizes your working area, allowing for greater productivity.

Whether installed in a new facility or retrofitted into an existing workspace, each component integrates quickly to minimize downtime while you upgrade. Full installation and validation typically take less than one week.

Once your installation and validation are complete, your lab will secure the potential benefits from the reduced financial impact of contamination events that can occur and the opportunity costs lost to manual bio-decontamination methods.

Bioquell SeQure FAQs

Will this offer 21-CFR Part 11 compliance?
Yes, we are able to offer an optional data logger for this purpose.

Will installation and validation of the Bioquell SeQure disrupt my workflow?
No. Depending on the volume of the area and the level of equipment, installation and retrofitting of the Bioquell SeQure can be completed and validated within a week. Our technicians can work during non-operating hours if possible and permitted by the client. Specific timeframes will be given for each project.

Can the Bioquell SeQure connect to my Building Management System?
Yes. Our expert technicians will perform a walkthrough of your cleanroom to ensure your systems are compatible with the Bioquell SeQure for integrated HVAC and automated operation. Bioquell experts will also provide continued support for systems that are already in place, ensuring full BMS connectivity and solutions for the lifetime of your system.

How compact is the Bioquell SeQure?
Vaporizer: 800 x 580 x 160 mm (31.5 x 22.8 x 6.3 in)
Bottle Module: 520 x 550 x 140 mm (20.5 x 21.7 x 5.5 in)
Wired Control Unit: 260 x 350 x 95 mm (10.2 x 13.8 x 3.7 in)

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