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Blue Ocean™ Water Filtration System

Ecolab’s Blue Ocean™ Laundry Water Filtration System helps commercial laundries reduce water and energy costs by recovering up to 4,000 gallons of water per hour. This efficient, reliable system conserves water and energy by removing, filtering and reusing the already-heated effluent in a new wash cycle.

Optimize Your Wash Process with Blue Ocean

The most efficient and reliable commercial laundry water filtration system.

The Blue Ocean™ water filtration system can be used with washer extractors and continuous batch washers to filter the process water down to 115 microns through a single step disk-filtration system.

  • Filtered water is ready to be reused at a temperature 25 - 40°C (77 - 104° F), depending on the wash process.
  • Additional wash-water buffer tanks and filtrate-water storage tanks can be connected if needed for your operation.

A pre-assembled, fully automatic Blue Ocean™ unit can integrate seamlessly with your current wash floor configuration. Our service professionals are trained to evaluate your operation and demonstrate potential savings. Ecolab’s expert installation and technical teams handle all the logistics and labor, to get your new system up and running quickly.

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Save Water and Energy in Your Laundry with Blue Ocean™

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Recognized for reinventing the way commercial laundries manage water and energy consumption.

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Capacity to recover up to 4,000 gallons per hour treating water from multiple washers.

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Magnetic flow meter and temperature sensors to control water and energy savings.

Ecolab AquaBatch and AquaDrain

AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™ Water Recycling System

Integrate Blue Ocean™ with AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™, two innovative systems that work together to remove lint, hair and sand from your wash cycle. This equipment connects to most tunnel washers, which makes configuration and installation quick and easy.

Waves of water.

Revolutionize Water Management in Commercial Laundries

By leveraging innovative science, digital technology and extensive industry knowledge, Ecolab solutions empower commercial laundries to optimize water usage through all aspects of operations—from pre-treatment through wash processes and post-treatment. Focus on what you do best while we take care of your water management needs.

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  • Deliver consistent depth filtration down to 115μm
  • Recover up to 4,000 gallons if water per hour
  • Offer highest hygienic standards
  • Control water temperature
  • Minimize installation time and risk
  • Minimize maintenance needs

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