Ecolab’s AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™ Water Recycling System

AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™
Water Recycling System

Remove hair, lint and sand from your wash process with the powerful combination of AquaBatch and AquaDrain water filtration equipment. These two powerful water recycling systems work together to remove debris, improve wash results, and reduce dryer maintenance in your laundry operation, which can help you save time and money.

Ecolab AquaBatch and AquaDrain
Why Choose AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™?

AquaDrain collects the debris from the AquaBatch back-flush, to prevent it from re-entering the wash cycle.

AquaDrain Benefits:

  • Reduces lint, hair, sand and debris from going down the drain or appearing on linen
  • COD reduction
  • Single-step filtration

This wastewater treatment equipment is easy to install and maintain, with a small footprint to maximize the space on your wash floor. 

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See AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™ in Action

Hospital worker changing the white linens on surgical bed.
Case Study of AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™

Ecolab partnered with COMTEX Laundry to improve their quality assurance program. The versatile compatibility of this equipment in your wash aisle makes configuration and installation quick and easy.

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