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Microbial Decontamination Service

Food safety is an essential priority in your facility. Failing to maintain a food safe environment can be disastrous for your brand and bottom line. Unplanned downtime can cost a food processing facility $30,000 per hour* and food recalls average over $10M in direct costs**

Whether you need an emergency response or a preventative program, establish a sanitation break with Ecolab Microbial Decontamination Service, an antimicrobial fumigation service for fast, verified sterilization. 

*Processing Magazine

**Food Marketing Institute 

Establish a Sanitation Break with Confidence

Facility managers recognize the benefit of resolving microbial risks quickly. However, in challenging cleaning environments (dry sanitation only, difficult to clean equipment, hard-to-access harborage sites, persistent pathogens) managers need solutions that can effectively eliminate microorganisms while maintaining product quality and operational throughout. 

As one part of a holistic cleaning and food safety program, Microbial Decontamination Service is a tool to deliver fast, verified sterilization even in the most challenging microbial environments. Powered by Ecolab’s in-house fumigation team, Microbial Decontamination Service uses a proprietary delivery method for gaseous chlorine dioxide, to achieve 6-log sterilization level kill and have your operations back up and running within 8-12 hours*.

Service Benefits: 

  • Compatible with dry processing environments
  • No post-treatment rinse
  • Can treat single piece of equipment to entire facilities 
  • Documented, verified 99.999% sterilization


*Timed for typical sized job (large room, equipment included)


Tackle Your Toughest Cleaning Environments

Why choose Ecolab to protect your facility from microbial activity?

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Microbial Decontamination Service lets you bypass the burdens of deconstructing equipment, decommissioning equipment, flooded facilities, compromised product quality, jeopardized safety, or extended gaps in production time to achieve a clean sanitation break. Our services can have operations back up and running within a standard shutdown time (8-12 hours*) and help save on cost of chemicals through our efficient dosing protocol. 

*Time for typical sized job (large room, equipment included)

Food and Beverage processing facility.


Ecolab Microbial Decontamination is proven to achieve a 6-log sterilization level kill and is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. Our proprietary chlorine dioxide delivery technology provides flexible control to treat facilities and equipment of all sizes and complexity. There are no assumptions with our approach – we verify efficacy through our monitoring capabilities, biological indicators, and science-based protocols throughout the service.

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Microbial Decontamination Service is performed by our dedicated team of certified, fumigation experts with the skillsets to deliver these powerful solutions safely and effectively. No subcontractors, no excuses, no hassle. Be confident knowing when you partner with Ecolab to address your microbial risk, you also gain access to global leaders in food safety and microbiology.

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