Ecolab CIP/COP Cleaner

Circulation Cleaning for Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing

Ecolab circulation cleaners preserve the integrity of equipment used in personal care and cosmetic manufacturing without compromising efficacy. Ecolab cleaners are designed to clean throughout a wide range of clean in place (CIP) systems and clean out of place (COP) systems.
Effective on the Toughest Personal Care and Cosmetic Challenges

Ecolab Circulation Cleaners are ideal for removing a variety of soils in CIP systems used throughout personal care and cosmetic manufacturing. Examples include:

  • Shower gels, liquid deodorants and lotions 
  • Waterproof makeup and sunscreens 
  • Pigment and mineral containing soils, including foundations, face masks, lipsticks and mascara
Brochure Cover of End-to-End Solutions for Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing
Cleaning Products Provided by Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing Experts

Specially formulated for personal care and cosmetic manufacturers, choose from a range of circulation cleaners, manual cleaners, disinfectants, additives and boosters.

Discover how you can develop a customized program for your facility’s specific needs that meet the latest regulatory standards and supported by our technical experts.

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