Manufacturing Line of Personal Care Pump Bottles

Personal Care and Cosmetics

Ecolab Life Sciences provides cleaning and sanitation products and programs for personal care and cosmetic manufacturing facilities.

Our portfolio, designed specifically for the challenges in personal care cosmetic manufacturing, along with our team of technical experts, help industry-leading organizations remove their most difficult soils from manufacturing equipment including pigments, emulsions, waxes and gels. 

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Circulation Cleaning
Ecolab circulation cleaners are designed to clean throughout a wide range of clean in place (CIP) and clean out of place (COP) systems in personal care and cosmetic manufacturing facilities, preserving the equipment’s integrity without compromising efficacy.
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Manual and Foam Cleaning
Ecolab manual and foam cleaners are designed to generate stable foam without the aid of additives. These products help improve manual cleaning effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in less downtime and improved cleaning of tough soils. 
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Sanitizing and Disinfecting
Ecolab sanitizers and disinfectants help personal care and cosmetics manufacturers combat microbes and achieve certain, specified levels of microbial reduction. 
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Additives, Boosters and Finishers
Ecolab additives, boosters and finishers are highly concentrated agents designed to boost performance of other cleaning solutions, giving an extra edge when cleaning specific soil targets. 
Products Designed for Personal Care Manufacturing Challenges
Products Designed for Personal Care Manufacturing Challenges
Manufactures no longer need to settle for inefficient and less effective cleaners that were designed with other industries in mind. Ecolab Life Sciences products are dedicated to the personal care and cosmetic manufacturing industries and specially formulated to effectively clean the toughest soil challenges. 
Technical expertise from tech experts
Technical Expertise from Industry Experts
From laboratory sample testing, to the optimization of manufacturing equipment, our team works to select the perfect mix of chemistry at the most efficient application, saving you time and labor. Our team also provides on-site support to uncover opportunities, implement custom recommendations, and guide the validation process.
Complete Document Package
Complete Documentation Package
Our core range of cleaning and sanitation products are supported by a comprehensive, global documentation package that can help meet the compliance goals and standards of the cosmetic and personal care industry.