Furniture Preservation Services

You can count on our highly trained Service Specialists to quickly deliver effective, science-based bed bug treatments for infested furniture. From bed bug heat treatment to vapor treatment, our higher standard of service helps ensure consistent bed bug elimination while preserving your valuable furniture investment.

Eliminate bed bugs and preserve your furnishings

The aftermath of a bed bug incident can be costly and time-consuming. More than a third of an infestation expense can be attributed to furniture replacement alone* which also leads to lost revenue while waiting to get the room back to being occupancy-ready.

Our Furniture Preservation Services are safe for staff and guests, helps protect your reputation and lowers costs.

*Independent Ecolab data


Proven treatment options for bed bug-infested furnishings

Ecolab's Vapor Treatment
Vapor Treatment with Mattress Encasement

Our exclusive, two-part Vapor Treatment with Mattress Encasement includes a plant-based biopesticide that eliminates bed bugs in box springs and valuable furniture items, followed by a mattress encasement that protects from future activity.

An Effective, Two-Part Process

STEP 1: Box Spring Treatment
The vapor-based treatment uses cold-pressed neem oil, a non-toxic, EPA-approved natural oil that kills bed bugs in all stages.

  • TREATED ROOMS can be reopened in as little as 24-hours after an incident without the need to replace furniture, risk guest safety or reserve large, expensive equipment.
  • INCLUDES A 90-DAY GUARANTEE against bed bug recurrence in the infested room.

STEP 2: Mattress Encasement
Protect your mattress from future bed bug infestations with this highly effective mattress encasement available in common and unique sizes.

  • STRETCH SIDEWALLS for a perfect fit. Stretchy sidewalls expand and contract — wrinkle-free, without any slack — to fit a wide range of mattress depths for a smooth, undetectable sleep experience.
  • PATENTED ZIP-N-CLICK™ zipper for maximum protection. This mattress encasement is the only fully integrated, self-locking zipper protector that prevents bed bug entry.
  • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE MATERIALS — Designed to ensure a cool, soft and noiseless sleep surface.
  • PROTECTION FROM COMMON ALLERGENS — MicronOne™ allergen barrier fabric delivers protection from nighttime allergens like dust mites, mold spore and pet dander.
Thermal Enclosure

Ecolab’s patented Thermal Enclosure unit inflates and gently provides bed bug heat treatment that’s lethal for all stages of bed bugs, but safe for your valuable furniture items.

An Effective, Discreet Process

  • Unit is set-up and items are treated in the infested area
  • Heating process is monitored to ensure proper temperature and duration
  • Treated items are thoroughly inspected to ensure efficacy
  • Contains bed bug infestations to help prevent spread to adjacent areas
  • Requires minimal power usage
  • This product has been independently tested and certified for product safety 
Thermal Enclosure Demo
Housekeeper at hotel bed
We can preserve personal belongings, too

The Personal Belongings Preservation Service is designed to eliminate bed bugs in items that cannot be easily laundered, without damaging the treated items. This helps save you time spent inspecting and from discarding these valuable items. Examples include:

  • Books and magazines
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Luggage (empty of contents)
  • Picture frames

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