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Furniture Treatment Services

While bed bugs commonly live in beds, mattresses and box springs, they are often found in other furniture, too. To protect your investment, Ecolab offers science-based treatment options aimed specifically at eliminating bed bugs in mattresses, box springs, and additional furniture. From heat treatments to vapor treatments and mattress encasements, our science-based approach eliminates bed bugs while preserving and protecting your valuable furniture items.

Eliminate Bed Bugs and
Preserve Your Furnishings

A bed bug infestation can be expensive and time-consuming. More than a third of the cost can come from furniture replacement alone.* This can also lead to lost revenue due to downtime. With Ecolab’s bed bug heat treatments and vapor treatments, you can be up and running again quickly, returning your rooms to service in as little as 24 hours.

Traditional chemical applications are not effective at treating bed bug-infested furniture. Ecolab's Furniture Preservation Services are designed exclusively for mattresses, box springs and other types of upholstered furniture — saving you the time and expense of disposing of infested items. Safe for staff and guests, our treatment options not only provide leading bed bug furniture protection, they protect your brand reputation as well.

*Independent Ecolab data

Save Your Mattress and Box Spring from Disposal with Our Proven Treatment Options

Ecolab's Vapor Treatment

Vapor Treatment With Mattress Encasement

For advanced bed bug bed protection, Ecolab uses an exclusive two-part Vapor Treatment with Mattress Encasement process. This includes a plant-based biopesticide that eliminates bed bugs in box springs and valuable furniture items — followed by a mattress encasement that protects against future bed bug activity.

To learn more, download the info sheet.

Thermal Enclosure™

Ecolab’s patented Thermal Enclosure™ unit uses heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs from a wide range of furniture items. Once the Thermal Enclosure unit is assembled in the guest room and the items are placed inside, the unit inflates — providing a gentle, carefully-monitored heat treatment that’s lethal for bed bugs but safe for your valuable furniture items. It’s an effective, discreet process that prevents the need for costly bed bug furniture removal and disposal.

To learn more, download the info sheet and watch the video to see the unit in action.

Housekeeper at hotel bed

We Can Preserve Personal Belongings, Too

Ecolab’s Personal Belongings Preservation Service is designed to eliminate bed bugs in items that cannot be laundered or heat treated without damaging them. From bed bug luggage treatment to other important items, our exclusive, vapor-based process uses natural, non-toxic, cold-pressed neem oil to kill bed bugs at all stages. This saves you time and money spent inspecting and replacing valuables such as:

  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Suitcases and other luggage
  • Books and magazines
  • Picture frames

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