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Commercial Bed Bug Control

From detection through protection:
Solutions for fighting bed bug infestations

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, even in exclusive hotels and resorts. Bed bugs can damage your brand reputation, result in costly furniture replacement and shutdowns, and even end in litigation. Eliminating bed bugs and preventing future pest infestations can be a challenge, but Ecolab can help. Partner with us to protect your guests, brand, and bottom line.

Bed Bug Infested Hotel Rooms Guest-Ready In Just 24 Hours
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Ecolab’s bed bug services can help hotels reduce room downtime by up to nine days per incident.*

*Based on Ecolab data

How Ecolab Performs Hotel Bed Bug Treatments

Proven effective in over 500,000 hotel rooms, Ecolab’s science-based proactive and reactive commercial bed bug control is designed to kill pests at all life stages. Proprietary technology and hotel bed bug treatments include:

Bed Bug Inspection by an Ecolab Pest Expert

Comprehensive guest room inspections and protections to help stop problems before they start.

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Furniture preservation services treat infested mattresses, box springs and other furniture.

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Minimal downtime.
Bed bug infested hotel rooms are guest-ready in a short amount of time.

Hotel employee making a bed in a hotel room

Training for staff to proactively identify bed bug activity. Educational resources are available in multiple languages.

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Our bed bug treatment service is backed by a 90-day guarantee

Early detection is key to stopping a widespread bed bug infestation


Ecolab’s bed bug prevention methods have been used in more than 500,000 hotel rooms

Protect your brand and bottom line with Ecolab pest control services

Hotel Bed Bug Facts:

80% of U.S. Travelers

say they’re concerned about
bed bug infestations in hotels. 

25% of Guests

actively check their hotel rooms for bed bugs.

10% is the Annual
Growth Rate

of hospitality bed bug incidents.

Source: National Pest Management Association -
Bed Bugs in America Survey

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Ecolab’s Hotel Protect Pest Management Solutions

All it takes is a single pest incident to tarnish your reputation. By working with our experts, you’ll stay ahead of pest problems and provide a rewarding guest experience. Protect your business and your guests.

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Bed Bug Inspection by an Ecolab Pest Expert

Educational Resources

Early detection is key to stopping a widespread bed bug infestation. Use these resources to educate employees on how to spot bed bugs, and steps to take to prevent infestations.

Learn how to recognize bed bugs, train your staff, and download materials to help protect your business from bed bugs.

Bed Bug Videos

Teaming Up Against Bed Bugs

This instructional video teaches you and employees how to thoroughly inspect for bed bugs.

Pests and Bed Bugs in Hotels:
What Guests Say

Discover what troubles guests about their hotel experiences, how you can proactively respond, and why maintaining a pest-free environment is critical to your brand’s reputation.

Webinar: The Battle with Bed Bugs – How to Mitigate the Risk and Win the Fight

Bed bugs have gone viral, making headlines in the news and social media. What’s the risk to your business? What can you do to be proactive? As the attention grows, it’s important to understand what you’re up against and what you can do to win the fight.

Thermal Enclosure Demo

See how Ecolab’s Thermal Enclosure gently heats infested furniture and belongings, killing all life stages of bed bugs.