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Floor Finishing And Stripping

Get great looking floors with less effort while using industry-leading solutions that remove heavy floor finishing buildup in one pass. Floor finishing products provide gloss and durability while also protecting and extending the life of your flooring and lowering your maintenance costs. 

Floors that make a lasting impression

Cleanliness from the ground up makes a lasting impression. That’s why Ecolab’s floor finishes and strippers keep both you and your floors looking good—year after year.

Ineffective Floor Maintenance Is Costly

  • Floor care maintenance is labor intensive and disruptive
  • Keeping floors clean is time-consuming and costly
  • Correct floor care procedure requires ongoing training and management, which can be difficult and expensive to coordinate

Reach For A Higher Standard of Efficiency

  • Using the right products for your floor helps make your environment inviting
  • With the right solutions, you can improve floor care effectiveness while minimizing impact, downtime and costs
  • Improve the effectiveness of your maintenance procedures with targeted service and training programs
Product Feature:
Phazer - The Mobile Floor Care System

Make it easy on your staff with Ecolab’s patented, ergonomic floor finish application system. It delivers ultimate comfort while they apply floor finish. The contoured fit means less product and packaging waste and greater overall productivity.

Floor Finishing and Floor Stripping Products

Maxx Durable Floor Finish Kit - Phazer

Two-Part Urethane Hybrid Floor Finish with alcohol and quaternary resistance.

Laser Floor Finish
Phazer Medium Frequency Floor Finish is a durable, 20% solids, medium gloss finish for use on resilient and other tile floors.
Stratus Floor Finish

A durable, high gloss floor finish for use on resilient and other types of natural and man-made floors with high intensity traffic.

Maxx Floor Stripper
Unbeatable power removes heavy build up in one pass versus two or three passes of conventional stripper.