Phazer® Mobile Floor Care System

Phazer - The Mobile Floor Care System

The patented, ergonomic Phazer® floor finish application system delivers ultimate worker comfort, improves productivity and safety, and reduces product and packaging waste. Ergonomically designed backpack fits comfortably on the operator for the ultimate in floor finishing convenience.  Quick and easy set-up and clean-up provide flexibility to do any space with minimum interruptions.

Product Information

Features and Benefits:


  • SKU: 9202-1103
  • Ergonomic design eliminates bending, reaching and wringing out string mops.
  • Ergonomic applicator mop design minimizes awkward stance.
  • Completely contained system minimizes operator contact with chemicals
  • Flexible, collapsible pouches create 83% less plastic waste than 5-gal pail system.
  • Innovative valve design ensures excess product in feed line runs back into product bag for later use, minimizing product waste up to 20% over traditional mop and bucket.
  • Fluid, uninterrupted motion eliminates the disruption of rewetting a string mop, enabling workers to increase productivity up to 73% over mop and bucket system.

Mobile Floor Care System Accessories

Phazer Applicator Pads: Long lasting, reusable microfiber pads for use with the Phazer® Mobile Floor Care System

Retrofit Kit:  Allows users to expand the capabilities of their Phazer® Mobile Floor Care System. Helps finish wood floors faster than ever before with virtually no waste. Kit includes 1 applicator pad. Must have a Phazer® Mobile Floor Care System to use.

Wood Applicator Pads: Specially designed Nylfoam 24” pad applies precise, smooth, lint-free finish to wood surfaces. Need new pad for each application.