Stainless steel bar glass washer and dishmachine with mechanical washing action and height adjustment for tight spaces.

Omega 5 Dishmachine

Intended as a bar glasswasher for tight spaces, the Omega 5e loads and unloads at 26” above the ground. However, to accomplish this it is 38” tall and uses a halo on top and gravity drain.

For lower counters, more mechanical washing action or pumped drains, the U-LT and U-HT bar glasswashers/dishmachines are the better options. For high volume bars washing primarily glasses, the DF rotary glasswasher is a great option (note, the DF is 208-240V). This dishmachine is 120V and has higher volume than both the Perlick PKBR and ADS ASQ.
Ecolab bar glass washer and dishmachine for tight spaces next to a display of coffee mugs and wine glasses.
Omega 5E Dishmachine Brochure

See how Ecolab's Omega 5E dishmachine will provide versatile and energy efficient performance.