6101955 Home-Style Laundry Detergent Packs 60-.7oz

Home-Style Unit Dose Packs Laundry Detergent

Clean and Fresh Performance You Can Count On

Home-Style Laundry Detergent Unit-Dose Packs deliver on your high-efficiency detergent needs in convenient pre-measured, water-soluble packs. Designed for home-style machines, they offer effective stain removal against tough soils, help to eliminate malodor in the first wash and retain freshness in linens. The packs are easy to use, safe to handle, and reduce detergent waste and spilling.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6101955 2 -60
6101956 1 - 450



Features and Benefits:

  • Packaged in a premeasured water soluble pouch to eliminate waste and spilling. Its concentrated formula gives brighter whites and colors, reduces rejects and provides economical use costs.
  • Contains a bend of surfactants, builders and special enzymes for excellent soil removal.
  • Contains a water conditioner and optical brighteners to maintain and enhance linen whiteness as well as a fragrance for optimum freshness to counteractant stale and musty odors.
  • The premeasured detergent packets dissolve easily and work in all water temperatures.

For use in home-style washers.

Effective on/Against:
Food soils, body soils, athletic soils

Directions for Use:

  1. Sort laundry in loads of similar color, fabric type and amount of soil.
  2. Take the detergent pack out of the tub with dry hands and place it in the washer. Close tub after use.
  3. Add one pack for small or medium loads to the empty washer. Add two packs for larger loads, heavy soils, or hard water conditions.
  4. Place clothes inside the washer, on top of pack(s).
  5. Select appropriate wash cycle and temperature according to the garment's fabric care label


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