ISO-QUICK  product photo

Isolyser® ISO-Quick™

An essential key to help minimize the health care worker’s risk of exposure to biohazardous fluids in hospitals, Ecolab’s Isolyser® ISO-Quick™ is easy to use and efficient.

Equally important, this solution to safer management of liquid contaminates is cost effective. As an economical yet highly effective resource, ISO-Quick™ is an answer to helping reduce risk of contamination from infectious fluids in the clinical environment.

Product Details

  • Encapsulates blood, blood components, and fluids with wide ranges of pH and electrolyte concentrations
  • Eliminates emptying collection unit and transporting biohazardous waste in fluid form
  • Solidifies and encapsulates the contents of suction canisters, basins, and kick buckets
  • Single Dose
  • Screw Cap
  • Case Quantity: 64
SKU Treatment Size
ISOQ500 500cc of fluid
ISOQ1200 1200cc of fluid
ISOQ1500 1500cc of fluid
ISOQ2000 2000cc of fluid
ISOQ3000 3000cc of fluid