Isolyser® Isosorb™

Help reduce the hazards associated with emptying collection units and transporting biohazardous waste in fluid form.

Ecolab’s Isolyser® Isosorb™ quickly solidifies and encapsulates infectious liquids for safe disposal. Effective in handling fluids from suction canisters, basins and kick buckets, Isosorb™ helps minimize risk of exposure to biohazardous fluids for healthcare workers.

Product Details

  • Exclusive closed-system Saf-T-Top™ design
  • Eliminates the need to open the pour spout on most suction canisters
  • Encapsulates blood, blood components, and fluids with wide ranges of pH and electrolyte concentrations
  • Reduces emptying of collection units and transportation of biohazardous waste in fluid form
  • Case Quantity: 100
  • Case Quantity for Multi Dose (ISOSORB22000): 20
  • Case Quantity for Spills, Multi Dose Shaker Bottle (ISOSORB13000 - Surface Use Only): 20
SKU Treatment Size
ISOSORB500 500cc of fluid
ISOSORB1200 1200cc of fluid
ISOSORB1500 1500cc of fluid
ISOSORB2000 2000cc of fluid
ISOSORB3000 3000cc of fluid
ISOSORB22000 (Multi Dose) 22000cc of fluid
ISOSORB13000 (Multi Dose, Surface Use Only) 13000cc of fluid (Shaker Bottle)