ISO-LTS product photo

Isolyser® LTS-Plus™

Ecolab’s Isolyser® LTS-Plus™ is EPA registered and specifically designed for point of generation encapsulation and treatment of medical waste. It features a closed system Saf-T-Top™ that promotes ease of use for treatment and solidification of waste. LTS-Plus™ treats liquid medical waste in the suction canister, so blood, blood components and fluids with wide ranges of pH and electrolyte concentrations can be rapidly encapsulated.

Offering a unique combination of advanced science and technology, LTS-Plus™ reduces the need to transport biohazardous fluids.

Product Details

  • Exclusive closed-system Saf-T-Top™ design
  • Eliminates the need to open the pour spout on most suction canisters
  • Prevents powder spills, aerosolizing, and infectious splashes
  • Works with most suction canisters and liners
  • Approved for landfill disposal in most states
  • EPA Registered Antimicrobial product for medical waste treatment
  • Single Dose
  • Case Quantity: 100
  • Case Quantity for LTS Packets: 96
  • Case Quantity for Spills Pouches (Surface Use Only): 200
SKU Treatment Size
LTSP500 500cc of fluid
LTSP1200 1200cc of fluid
LTSP1500 1500cc of fluid
LTSP2000 2000cc of fluid
LTSP3000 3000cc of fluid
LTSP500 (LTS Packets) 5000cc of fluid (Packets)
LTSP1000 (Surface Use Only) 1000cc of fluid (Pouch)