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Commercial Large Fly Elimination

A common house fly can be considered a nuisance, but these flies also represent a serious food safety concern. House flies contaminate food with their filth and can contribute to the spread of disease. Stay ahead of large fly problems in and around your facility and provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers with our proactive Large Fly Program.

Large Fly Program

Our proactive and comprehensive Large Fly Program features leading-edge technology and ongoing service to help reduce fly pressure on the exterior, prevent flies from entering the facility, and quickly destroy flies that do gain entry. Using an “Outside-In” approach and proprietary Ecolab equipment, our program helps to improve food safety and guest satisfaction by tackling root causes of fly activity at your site. We offer a multi-faceted approach that addresses fly activity in multiple ways. Our scientifically-developed program will:

  • PREVENT large fly entry through inspections and recommendations
  • REDUCE large fly pressure with exterior treatments, fly traps and equipment
  • ELIMINATE large fly activity with targeted interior treatments and equipment
When you let Ecolab watch over your pest program, you’ll have a partner who understands the risk that pests pose to quality and food safety. Our higher standards and guaranteed results give you confidence you’re doing everything possible to maintain a safe, healthy, pest-free restaurant.
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Commercial Large Fly Elimination Solutions

STEALTH™ Fly Station

Ecolab’s Large Fly Program includes the proprietary STEALTH™ Fly Station proven to attract and kill flies.   

Large Fly Videos

How to Prevent Large Flies

A short video explaining steps you can take to prevent large flies at your facility.

Why You Don’t Want a Fly as a Friend
Ecolab Pest Elimination expert, Dr. John Barcay, shows typical large fly behaviors in a way you have never seen before.  Learn how large flies can jeopardize food safety and how Ecolab’s multifaceted, science-based program proactively addresses large fly activity at your facility to help protect your food, your guests’ experience, and your brand reputation.
Teaming Up Against Large Flies
Watch this short video on the importance of keeping large flies out of your facility. Ecolab researches fly biology and behavior to help protect your food safety and your reputation. The more you know about large flies, the better you can keep them out of your facility.
Large Flies: More Than a Nuisance
Watch a recording of the 2020 Large Flies: More Than a Nuisance Webinar. Ecolab experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 on pest control, large fly biology and behavior, how to prevent large flies from entering your facility, and how to choose the right pest provider.
STEALTH™ Fly Station Demo Video
The STEALTH™ Fly Station discreetly eliminates flies on the outside, while reducing flies entering your facility by up to 50%. This product is the winner of the 2012 National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations Award.  

Large Fly Articles

Facts About Large Flies (“House Flies”)

Large flies, also known as filth flies, include houseflies, bottle/blow flies and flesh flies. Understanding the biology and behavior of these common types of large flies can help with fly prevention in your facility. 

Fly on toast.
Large Flies and Food Safety

Large flies including houseflies, bottle or blow flies and flesh flies are also called “filth flies” because they breed in filth such as manure, human excreta, dumpsters, garbage, and decaying vegetation, causing a food safety risk. 

Man cleaning and sanitizing a table.
How to Prevent Large Fly Problems

To protect your business from the health risk posed by large flies such as houseflies and bottle/blow flies, there are steps you and your pest management provider can take to minimize food safety risks. 

Outside-In Approach
Benefit of Outside-in Approach

Implementing a comprehensive program utilizing an Outside-In Approach can greatly improve your efforts towards large fly prevention in your facility. 

Large Fly Educational Resources

Small flies and large flies are two distinct pests with two different solutions.
Large Fly and Small Fly Tip Sheet
Learn about the two distinct types of flies — each requires a unique approach to fly prevention and fly elimination.
Infographic providing 8 ways to prevent large fly infestation
Large Fly Infographic
Learn about the unique biology and risks of large (“house”) flies and how to reduce house fly issues.
Large Fly White Paper
Learn about the behavior, inspection, and treatment of large flies with Ecolab’s white paper: Reduce Pressure, Minimize Opportunities and Eliminate Activity: Science-Based Large Fly Solutions.


Case Study: F&B Plant

A large cereal manufacturing company implemented the Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program providing a comprehensive outside-in approach that resulted in an 81% reduction of large flies.

Case Study: Quick Service Restaurant

Study demonstrates that the robust Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program helps reduce large fly population better than a fly light program alone. This quick service restaurant experienced fly reduction by approximately 49%.

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