Central Sterile Department Worker Standing in front of the OptiPro Solid Manual Cleaning System

OptiPro™ Solid Multi Enzymatic Manual Cleaning System

The OptiPro™ Solid Manual Cleaner offers innovative product formulation and dispensing design. Its advanced enzymatic technology reduces the manual scrubbing needed to remove fat and protein soils, improving process efficiencies and user experience. The dispensing system is designed to provide a ready-to-use solution to control product usage and eliminate the need to measure product. In addition, the dispenser delivers the solution within a temperature range to allow optimal performance.
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Equipment Details

  • Easy to load
  • "Refill Line" indicates when a new block needs to be loaded into the dispenser
  • Eliminates the need to measure product
  • Helps obtain consistent cleaning results
  • Solution is dispensed every time the blue "Push Button" is activated
  • Predetermined amount per push is based on customer preference and sink/basin size
  • Prevents product waste through control of product delivery
  • Cleaning solution delivered within temperature range for peak performance of enzymatic product