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OMNI™ Heat Exchanger Reliability

The profitability of your chemical plant depends upon the efficient use of water and energy. Heat exchanger performance is the key. Nalco Water offers OMNI: a comprehensive program combining in-depth system audits, 24/7 monitoring, unique diagnostic tools, and consultative services to help optimize heat transfer and improve reliability. 

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See how to maximize production, optimize performance and reduce maintenance costs in your operations. 

OMNI Heat Exchanger Reliability Success Stories


Unique Insight into Cooling Water Treatment and Heat Exchanger Performance

A test Heat Exchanger, part of the OMNI program, was installed in an ammonia production facility to monitor the performance of the cooling water system and compare results to traditional monitoring methods.

Heavy, PRS, Global Chemical

OMNI Defines Strategy to Avoid Downtime in Texas VCM Plant

OMNI helped enable the customer to make critical decisions about propylene condenser operations in order to achieve maximum efficiency and highest reliable performance.

Heavy, PRS, Global Chemical

Chemical Industry Case Study Collection

These collected case studies illustrate how OMNI Heat Exchanger Reliability monitoring provides bottom-line savings by early detection and pro-active response to declining heat transfer performance.

A Complete Heat Exchanger Solution

OMNI Heat Exchanger Reliability is a series of digitally enabled processes that deliver real-time, secure, and comprehensive analytics focused on heat exchanger condition and performance. 
There are four components in the offering: 24/7 monitoring, full system flow and temperature surveys, heat exchanger inspections*, and maintenance analysis*. The 24/7 monitoring of critical heat exchangers' heat transfer efficiency and performance helps enable early issue detection, and a proactive response to any issues.  

The other digital components produce a variety of insights to help optimize the system’s reliability and performance, and help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Actions taken as a result of OMNI Heat Exchanger Reliability insights will help boost your plant’s profitability and contribute to sustainability goals.

The OMNI program is supported by experienced engineers in the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center and many specialized subject matter experts.

 *Where available

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OMNI™ and Your Enterprise System

Learn more about how OMNI powered by ECOLAB3D™ can enable collaboration and optimize real savings within your industrial water treatment program.


Digital Insights Help Companies Gain Better Visibility into their Operations

In energy and chemical processing, productivity and profitability are directly tied to water and energy efficiency. Heat exchanger performance is one key component behind ensuring efficiency. Industrial businesses can manage their heat exchanger performance more effectively with digital diagnostic tools and data-driven visibility.  

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