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OxyGuard™40 Hospitality
Laundry Program

Our high performance, low-temperature, sustainable solution for hospitality wash programs.

When guests arrive at a hotel or spa, they expect clean, bright-white, stain-free linens. Your laundry operation plays an indispensable role in delivering on those expectations. To help you meet the high standards of your customers, use OxyGuard™40, a linen detergent formulated for hospitality laundry programs.

Why Choose OxyGuard™40
Linen Detergent?

  • Lower Operational Costs
    OxyGuard™40 effectively disinfects and brightens linens at 104ºF (40ºC), a significantly lower temperature than standard detergents require. Lowering the temperature helps you cut energy costs.
  • Keep Linens White and Bright
    OxyGuard™40 is engineered with advanced molecular technologies to deliver exceptional whiteness.
  • Extend Linen Life
    OxyGuard™40 is gentle yet effective, to help linens and towels last. Superior fiber protection keeps linens softer longer, and reduces lint build-up.
  • Extend Equipment Life
    When you wash as a lower temperature, there’s less stress on the boiler system and other equipment.
  • Meet Sustainability Goals
    OxyGuard™40 is sustainably engineered with no NPEs, VOCs, phosphorus or environmental byproducts.


Comparing two white towels: Cleaner/Brighter on the left (OxyGuard) vs. yellowish towel on the right (chlorine)

Superior Whiteness and Softness After 50 Washes

Chlorine and peroxide both decrease whiteness noticeably after 20 washes. Towels washed in OxyGuard™40 still look new after 50 washes.

Case Study:

A large commercial launderer needed a new boiler to heat water to the 160ºF they used to whiten linens. Ecolab introduced OxyGuard™40, which enabled the company to brighten whites at just 104ºF. The lower temperature saved them $20K annually in energy costs, and helped them avoid the costly purchase of a new boiler.

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