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Performance™ Industrial XXL

Clean, like never before

Don’t compromise your quality of clean. With Performance™ Industrial XXL from Ecolab, you get industrial-strength science and industrial-strength clean. Our new patent pending, soil removing technology includes dedicated surfactants that are specifically formulated to eliminate a variety of heavy-duty industrial soils.
Main Features
  • Effective soil removal at already 60°C due to carefully selected surfactant mix and new soil removal technology
  • Protection of original whiteness of the white uniforms
  • improvement of color brightness of blue and corporate uniforms
  • Hygiene guarantee at 55°C (VAH and RKI)
  • Protection of the safety properties of PPE garments (program recommended by the main PPE suppliers and High-viz stripes producers)
  • Textile life time extension
  • Improved wearer's comfort

For more information please download the Performance Industrial data sheet below.

A more efficient wash program that drives higher throughput and boosts plant capacity.

With lower alkalinity, a more efficient wash process and exclusive soil removing technology, you will:
  • Speed up the wash process
  • Reduce rewash
  • Extend linen life
  • Save on labor and utilities
  • Patented formula (US Patent #8,317,879)
  • Increased removal of petroleum, oil and grease
  • Customized formulas—versatility to manage every application for cost control
  • Standard high efficiency formulas
  • First pass cleaning
  • Safe on today’s fabrics—spun poly, poly/cotton blends, micro fibers and colors
  • NPE-free
  • EDTA-free
  • Phos-free

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