Performance™ Industrial XXL Laundry Program

Looking for an industrial laundry detergent to tackle tough oil and grease? Look no further than Ecolab’s Performance™ Industrial XXL program. This program features high-powered laundry detergent that’s formulated to eliminate a variety of heavy-duty industrial soils. Get an industrial-strength clean backed by industrial-strength science.

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Performance Industrial XXL Cleans a Broad Range of Garments

  • Colored Uniforms
    Maintain colors on a variety of fabrics, including spun poly and poly/cotton blends.
  • White Uniforms
    Performance Industrial XXL is proven to keep whites 30% whiter after 50 washes, compared to standard industrial detergent.

  • Corporate Uniforms
    Eliminate heavy-duty industrial soils, so uniforms look professional and clean.

  • Safety Wear
    Performance Industrial XXL is thorough yet gentle, able to both clean and protect the safety properties of flame retardant garments and those with reflective tape.

With lower alkalinity and Soil Removing Technology(SRT), you can:

  • Speed up the wash process
  • Reduce rewash
  • Extend linen life
  • Save on labor and utilities


Before and after pictures of a white uniform cleaned by Ecolab Performance Industrial XXL

Results You Can See

Performance Industrial XXL removes up to 50% more dirt and grime than standard industrial laundry detergents.

Three unique products to tackle your industrial laundry:

  • Performance™ XXL Detergent
    Ultra-concentrated detergent optimizes performance across a broad range of wash temperatures.
  • Performance™ XXL Booster
    Improved soil dispersion properties both maintain colors and whiten whites.
  • Performance™ XXL Alkali
    Highly concentrated, quick-rinse alkali solution helps to remove industrial soils.

Not sure whether you need one, two or all three products for your commercial laundry? Ecolab can help you customize an industrial wash program. Contact us today. 

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Industrial Garment Property Protection

Third-Party Verification

We worked with independent suppliers to certify that Performance™ Industrial XXL extends garment life, and helps preserve the properties of personal protective clothing. Our detergents were tested and approved by external laboratories.

Case Study: Performance™ Industrial XXL

Learn how a commercial laundry facility that processes over 1 billion pounds of laundry every year used Performance Industrial XXL to save over $26K in annual water costs alone.

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