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Scrub-Stat 2% and 4% and Iodine Surgical Scrub with footpump

Surgical Scrubs for hospitals

Ecolab’s surgical hand scrubs provide exceptional efficacy and deliver consistently high immediate kill and 6-hour persistence based on independent laboratory testing. With the need to reduce the threat of HAI’s, hand hygiene compliance is a growing concern in hospitals today.

Offer your staff a complete array of antimicrobial hand care products.

Ecolab antimicrobial hand care products carry the surgical hand scrub claim, so you can be confident that your staff is degerming their hands at every opportunity.
Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program
Hand Hygiene Program​

The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program is a complete offering that helps with hand hygiene observation, monitoring and standardization of hand washing processes to drive measurable improvements in clinical, operational and financial metrics.


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