Scrub-Stat 2% and 4% and Iodine Surgical Scrub with footpump

Surgical Scrubs

Ecolab’s surgical hand scrubs provide exceptional efficacy and deliver consistently high immediate kill and 6-hour persistence based on independent laboratory testing. With the need to reduce the threat of HAI’s, hand hygiene compliance is a growing concern in hospitals today. By offering your staff a complete array of antimicrobial hand care products which carry the surgical hand scrub claim you can be confident that your staff is degerming their hands at every opportunity.
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Scrub-Stat 2% Surgical Scrub 1000mL Disposacare Bottle
Scrub-Stat 2%
2% chlorhexidine gluconate formula is an emollient-rich formula which supports surgical hand scrub efficacy while promoting skin health.
Scrub-Stat 4% Surgical Scrub 1000mL Scrubmate Bottle
Scrub-Stat 4%

4% chlorhexidine gluconate formula significantly reduces the number of microorganisms on the hands and forearms prior to surgery or patient care.