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Scrub-Stat 2% Surgical Scrub 1000mL Disposacare Bottle

Scrub-Stat™ 2%

Scrub-Stat 2% is an emollient-rich formula which supports surgical hand scrub efficacy while promoting skin health. 2% Chlorhexidine gluconate formula significantly reduces the number of microorganisms on the hands and forearms prior to surgery or patient care. Emollient enriched formula has a pleasant floral fragrance. Available in liquid and foam formulas.

Product Details

  • 2% chlorhexidine gluconate active ingredient-preferred by many healthcare professionals.  Provides proven protection for patients and staff when used as a healthcare personnel hand wash to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease.
  • Exceptional antimicrobial persistence.  Meets surgical hand scrub test method criteria (ASTM E1115). Inhibits bacterial (resident skin flora) re-growth for 6 hours, to help lower risk of nosocomial infections.
  • Fast acting formula rapidly kills transient and resident microorganisms on the skin.
  • Contains emollients to protect against irritation, leaving hands feeling soft and mild, promotes hand-washing compliance.
Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
72-4 oz (US ONLY) 6030604 N/A
12-540 mL DC (US ONLY) 6030617 Disposacare
12-1000 mL DC (US ONLY) 6030633  Disposacare
10-1000 mL Bag (US ONLY) 6062042 Bullseye
6-750 mL (US ONLY) 6042750 Foam
6-750 mL (US ONLY) 6000067 NEXA 
6-750 mL (US ONLY) 6000068 NEXA 
8-1200 mL (US ONLY) 6082645 Next Generation (Manual & Touchfree)
4-1250 mL (US ONLY) 6000088 NEXA Foam 
4-1250 mL (US ONLY) 6000089 NEXA Liquid 
4-1 Gallon (US ONLY)  6030659 N/A